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How To Change Birthday On Facebook in 2 Minutes?

Facebook is one of the widely popular social media platforms and tons of users all over the world. These days, they are the remainder of the birthday of your dear ones so that you won’t overlook their birthday. If your friends don’t want you on your birthday, you should probably check your birth date was correct on Facebook. If you have types the wrong date, you can simply change your birthday on Facebook.

Need to Change Birthday Date On Facebook

Most persons change their birth date on Facebook because they might have typed it wrongly throughout signup. No need to worry about in case you have incorrectly added your date of birth, there is a great solution to change it and make everyone informed on your birthday. To receive wishes on birthday follow the steps below.

Steps to Change Birthday Date on Facebook on Desktop PC

 (1) Visit https://www.facebook.com/ in your browser in your PC and open it.

Change Birthday On Facebook

(2) Tap on your profile name on the top right close to the search bar.

(3) Go to About in your profile page below your profile name.

(4) Move on Contact and Basic Info in the left side of the about page.

(5) Scroll down until you get all Basic Information

Change Birthday On Facebook

(6) Under basic information, you can see Birth date then tap on edit.

(7) After that edit your Birth date.    

Change Birthday On Facebook


(8) Just set the preference on who must find out your birth date by going to the preference menu (Two men like icon) close to the birth date.

(9) After done, go to save changes. And then your changes will be saved and updated in your Facebook profile.

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Thus, get all your birthday wishes by changing your birthday date on Facebook.

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