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How to Change Time on Apple Watch in Easy Ways?

Today, smartwatches including Apple Watches, Amazfit, and Fitbit are highly developed. By using smartwatches, make calls, check your heart rate, track your day-by-day activities, and more.

Apple Watch is a great independent device, and here you cannot able to change right with the watch. To modify time on Apple Watch, you should make use of the iPhone that is coupled with the Apple Watch. We will know how to change time on Apple watch in easy steps.

How to Change Time on Apple Watch using the iPhone?

(1) Just ensure that your iPhone and Apple Watch are connected with each other.

How to Change Time on Apple Watch

(2) Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.

(3) Drop down and click on General option.

(4) From the General settings, tap on the Date & Time option.

How to Change Time on Apple Watch

(5) If Set Automatically button is started then can’t edit the time on your iPhone. It will set the time to the time zone on your geo-location. Close the button to set the time manually.

(6) When you close the toggle, you find two ways to change the time.

(7) Tap on the Time Zone option to choose a different time zone.
(8) If To set the time manually, just go to the date and time option and set the time.

(9) After the done the manual changes, start again your iPhone. When your iPhone is restarted, need to update your Apple Watch will appear the new timings.

Thus, you can select a time zone manually or set a time according to your desire.

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