How to Connect Roku to TV, Set Up & Activate it

Roku streaming devices are top-notch streaming devices and are the greatest competitor for Amazon Firestick. Roku has a wide range of streaming devices such as Roku Express, Roku Premiere, Roku Streaming Stick, and etc. The entire devices cannot do independent and just connect Roku to a TV through wired connections. If you are new users to streaming devices, the risks are higher that you don’t know how to connect Roku devices to a TV. In this post, we will talk about how to connect the Roku streaming device to a TV.

How to Connect Roku Streaming Device to a TV?

(1) First of all, connect your Roku Streaming device to the HDMI port of the TV.
(2) Next, connect the power supply with Roku device with the micro USB offered in the kit.

(3) After started your TV and select the HDMI input that you have linked to the Roku device. The Roku logo will be seen.

(4) Take the Roku remote and put in batteries. You can find the Let’s get started screen.

(5) Prefer the language to move ahead.

(6) The next process is to establish an internet connection. If you have an ethernet cable, select Wired. If not, prefer Wireless.

(7) From the next screen, select your WiFi network and give the password. Tap the Connect option.
(8) After a WiFi connection successfully, the device will search for the latest software update. If the latest update is available, it will ask you to download it. If it is not, you can move with the current OS.

(9) The next process is to fix the resolution. Choose the Auto-detect display type. This will change the resolution depending on your TV.

(10) After that, no need to join up your Roku remote. At the present, you are requested to pair off the remote. If that’s the situation occurs, firmly press and hold the pairing button for three seconds. Then, pairing will be done sucessfully.

(11) After the remote is paired, you can see below screen, tap the Check remote settings to change your TV’s volume and control with Roku remote. You can also overlook this step by taping the Skip button.

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Activate Roku

(1) At present, sign in or sign up with a Roku account. You will receive the activation code.

(2) From your PC or smartphone, visit the link given on the screen. to activate your Roku device.

(3) Type the activation code on the particular field and enter Submit.

(4) Now, you will receive All done screen.

Finally, you can stream your desired video content on your TV through Roku.


These are above methods help to connect the new Roku device to your TV.

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