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How to Add Printer on Chromebook in 2 Different Ways?

Chromebook comes with a very lightweight that is popular by those who have used with the Google Chrome browser. It is the most affordable laptop and therefore is helpful for productivity tasks. Thus, it is used by school students and office workers working on Chrome-based. It has quite low storage but Google compensated it with the cloud storage support. Adding a printer on ChromeOS is an extra advantage to print anything in progress. Whether you would like to take a hard copy of your school assignment or office project, Chromebook allows you get benefit from it. If you want guidelines on how to add a printer on Chromebook, then move ahead into the section below.

How to Add Printer on Chromebook?

(1) With Chromebook, go to the System and tap on icon from the right side.

(2) Click on Settings (gear icon).

(3) Choose on Advanced option.

How to Add Printer on Chromebook

(4) Tap on Printers under Printing section.

(5) Click on Add Printer button.

How to Add Printer on Chromebook

(6) If your printer is displayed on pop-up, then tap on it add it.

(7) After all, check if the printer comes out at the top under Saved printers.

Try the Alternative!

 (1) After taking plug the printer into Chromebook, tap on System Clock.

(2) Open Settings.

(3) Tap on the downward arrow on the Advanced button.

How to Add Printer on Chromebook

(4) Select Printing to click on Printers.

(5) When Chromebook identifies your printer, tap on Save

Our Opinion

That is all about adding a printer to Chromebook with WiFi and USB cable. It is a lengthy factor when you have something to print often.

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