How to Advertise on Facebook

Facebook is a great mass social media platform that has more than 5 billion downloads. The app is available across all the devices in free. And it is also used to promote your business with the Facebook marketplace, Facebook page or group.

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads are the best digital ads that will be seen on Facebook and allow other Facebook users see your product or business when they use the app. With this Facebook app, you can see a variety of ads available for you to select from. These types provide a different purpose, like the Stories Ads will be displayed on Facebook Stories, Messenger Ads will appear on Messenger app, Playable ads will let users to play a demo game of the app. And you have to be more careful when selecting the type of ads you wish for.

How to Advertise on Facebook

1: Choose your objective

2: Type a name of your Campaign

3: Create your ad account

4: Go for your Target Audience

5: Select your Ad placements

1. Pick Your Objective

Move to Facebook Ads Manager and sign in with your Facebook credentials.

Tap on the Create Ad button

And, you will get to know what each add will carry out. Opt for the right type of ad that suits your business.

As it depends on the ad type you select, the further methods will a little vary.

2. Name your Campaign

After selecting the target, just drag arrow and type the name for your Ad Campaign. If you want to try for two ad changeable, start the Split Test option and select the variable. Budget optimization option is also provided, close for now and we will talk about on it later.

3. Create your Ad Account

After giving the name and split test, go to the Create Ad Account. And, you need to type information such as Country, Currency and Time Zone. Identify the information and enter Continue.

4. Make your Target Audience

This is the vital option in Facebook Ads. In this method, you will tell Facebook what type of people will find your ads. Details provided in this method play a great part in your ad.

If you are an expert in Facebook Ads, so, find out the Detailed Targeting, Connections, and lots of options.

5. Choose your Ad Placements

Ad Placements are the locations as the ads appear. There are many options such as Device type (Mobile, Desktop), Platform (Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, Messenger), Placements (feeds, stories, in-stream, search, messages, in-article, apps and sites), Specific mobile devices & operating systems (Android, iOS).

6. Set the Budget and Timings

Budget and timings can also create as well as break factor for your ads. Just select the best possible budget and timings for your ads.

Type your Ad Budget & schedule as per to your choice and if you wish for detailed options, tap on the Advanced Settings option. When you prepare all these things, enter Continue.

7. Choose the type of Ad

This is the ultimate or final step to Advertise on Facebook. Type the Ad name

Choose the type of Ad

Select the type of ad you want. You can see a preview option at the end of the page. After selecting all these options, just enter Confirm to submit your Ad for approval. Once it is approved then you can receive an email from Facebook position that your ad has been approved.

So, these are all processes to advertise on Facebook.

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