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How to Archive on Instagram

One of the great things in social media apps is that you can easily remove your post at whatever time you would like with a hassle free process. You can also remove Instagram posts, stories either for temporary or permanent. And we will get to know the steps:

What is the Archive on Instagram?

The Archive means on Instagram acts in a different way for posts and stories. However, the other hand, stories vanish after 24 hours. When you archive any kind of content, it will be deleted from your profile and gets stocked up in the Archive tab. When you delete stories, it will be stored in Archive after the story fades away.

How to Archive Posts on Instagram?

(1) Launch the Instagram app and click on the Profile icon.

(2) Click on the post to archive.

(3) Go to the three-dotted icon that answers to the post.

How to Archive on Instagram

(4) Select the Archive option. Once you deleted your post, the post will be appeared on the Archive tab.

How to Archive stories on Instagram?

(1) From your Profile screen, click on the three-horizontal icon on the top of the screen.

(2) Click on the Settings option.

How to Archive on Instagram

(3) From the Settings tab, select Privacy –> Story.

(4) Start on the Save to archive toggle. Once you activate, all your stories will be stored on the Archive tab.

The archive is a short-term option, you can delete your posts from the Archive always. Using the above steps help to archive on Instagram. This can’t be only applied using the Instagram web.

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