How to Block Calls on Android [For Different Models]

You will be introduced how to block calls on the Android device that can help to avoid those wrong callers. If you want to know how to block calls on Android, then access to the given section to understand about it.

How to Block Calls on Android?

There are different ways to block calls on Android with different ways such as:

How to Block Calls on Android Phone? – Manual Method

Blocking calls has four different ways and they are given below.

Step 1: 

 (1) On a call log firmly-press the spam caller you wish to block.

(2) Go to block number option to block strange calls in Android Phone.

Step 2:

 (1) Access to Contacts log on your Android phone.

(2) Select the contact number you wish to block.

(3) Click to edit icon that seems a pencil given the top-right.

(4) Choose the three-dot icons.

(5) Sign in the box related to All Calls to Voicemail.

Step 3: 

 (1) Go to Phone menu from the home screen.

(2) Click to three-dot options and go to Settings.

(3) Select Call and then Call Rejection menu.

(4) Tap on Auto Reject ListandTap on Createoption.

(5) Type the phone number or contact name you want to block.

How to Block Calls on Android Phone? – Samsung 

 (1) Open the Phone app firstly. 

(2) Select the number to block.

(3) Go to More icon or three-dotted option in the top right.

(4) Click to Add to Auto Reject List.

How to Block Calls on Android Phone? – Nexus/Pixel Phones

 (1) Access to Phone app on the home screen of your Android Nexus/Pixel.

(2) Firmly hold on three-dot icons on the top right side. 

(3) Scroll-down, go to the Settings option.

(4) Go to Blocked numbers.

(5) Choose Add a Number option and enter in the spam caller phone number.

(6) Go to the Block option and won’t need going the spam calls. 

How to Block Robocalls on Android Phone? – LG Phones

 (1) Open the Phone app on your LG phone.

(2) Go to More icons that look like three dots.

(3) Choose Call Settings option.

(4) Go to Reject Calls and click to + button to include the phone number to block.

How to Block a Call on Android Phone? – HTC Phone

 (1) Open Phone app on your Android phone from the home screen.

(2) Long-press and continue the phone number to block.

(3) Select Block Contact and then go to the OK button.

Is it Possible to Block Restricted Calls in Android using an App?

Of course, there are some Android apps available that will allow blocking the spam callers with ease. Some of the best apps comprise 

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How to Block Spam Calls on Android via Google Voice?

Our Opinion

Hopefully this post has helped you how to block spam calls easily. Many Android phones support blocking calls from within the device. However, you can download call blocker apps to limited spam callers from getting you. 

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