How To Find WiFi Password on Android smartphones?

On your Android smartphone, there are many saved WiFi networks available. However, you can forget the WiFi password and cannot connect your new smart device to the saved WiFi networks. In this post, we will discuss easy steps to find the WiFi password on your Android smartphones.

How to find WiFi Password on Android smartphones

Method 1: How to find WiFi Password in Android using the Gateway address

 (1) Open the Wi-Fi settings on your Android smartphone.

(2) Drop down and note the Gateway address.

(3) Now launch any of the web browsers. Give the Gateway address in the search bar and search for it.

(4) The following screen will appear, type the password as admin and tap on the Login button.

(5) On the next screen, click the Wireless option. Under that, choose Wireless Security.

(6) Now the WiFi password will be shown on the Wireless Password bar.

Method 2: Steps to find WiFi Password to Android using the sharing option

(1) Open WiFi settings on your smartphone.

(2) Go to the Setting icon relates to the connected WiFi network.
(3) With the next screen, the Share button will be show. Tap on it.

(4) You can see a QR code on this page. Below that, the WiFi password will be shown.

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Our Opinion

These are the steps that to find the WiFi password. And, also the above methods help to find a WiFi password by routing your smartphone.

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