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How to Take Screenshot on Android

Android is a widely popular operating system over the world. It includes lots of features which allow you to use amazingly. The screenshot is a method of taking pictures of your device screen. Every screenshot can be stored easily to your device storage as a picture. You are able to view, edit, use and send it to any person or individual.

Take Screenshot on Android Device

(1) Go to your Android device and open it.

(2) Move to screen or page to take a screenshot.

(3) Now firmly press and hold the Power button and Volume Down button for a while.

How to Take Screenshot on Android

(4) Now, it will seize your screen and automatically save it to your device storage.

Alternate Method

Some phone lets you to use another method also. For instance, if you own an OnePlus phone or Mi phone, you can follow the below step:

(1) Browse to the screen to capture.

(2) Scroll 3 fingers down on the screen to take a screenshot of your screen.

How to Take Screenshot on Android

You can also find other processes to take screenshots. Just need to enable them on your Android settings. Like Long press on Home Button or Long press on the Menu button or Back button, or hold press power + Home or power + Menu or power + back button.

Use Google Assistant to Take Screenshot on Android

(1) Access to the Google App.

(2) Choose more option at the lower right side.

(3) Go to the settings option.

(4) Choose Google Assistant option.

(5) Click on Assistant tab and then choose Phone.

(6) Allow Use Screen Context under the general section.

(7) Then, move to the screen to capture.

How to Take Screenshot on Android

(8) Click on OK Google and tell “Take Screenshot“.

After that, it will take a screenshot of your screen.

Our Opinion

Once a screenshot is taken, and it will be saved storage under screenshot folder. You will be able to view, edit, and share your screenshot. And, also take back up your screenshot to your Google Photos apps ahead. 

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