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How to Install Google Chrome on Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is a well-known open-source operating system based on Linux. You can surf internet by browsing to surf the internet. Google Chrome is one of the top-most browsers available in the world. You can easily install Google Chrome on Ubuntu with the help of post.

How to Install Google Chrome on Ubuntu?

There are two ways available to install Chrome on Ubuntu.

  1. Using Graph Method
  2. Using Command Line

Install Google Chrome through Graph Method

(1) Visit on the default browser (Firefox).

(2) Tap on the “Download Chrome” key.

(3) Click to the download package. Visit to the first choice 64 bit .deb (for Debian/Ubuntu).

(4) Visit the Accept and Install button.

 Install Google Chrome on Ubuntu

(5) The Firefox asks “how to access to the .deb file“. Select the default option to get into chrome in Ubuntu software.

(6) If you select “Open with” option, the chrome deb package will be downloaded to Mozilla $username folder.

(7) Once the download is completed, the Ubuntu software will visit automatically. Enter the Install button.

(8) Linux needs authentication to begin installing. Type your password and enter the “Authenticate” button.

 Install Google Chrome on Ubuntu

(9) The installation process begins now. Once the installation is done, open the chrome browser and start chrome browser in the Unity Dash.

Install Google Chrome through Command line

(1) Go the Terminal and visit the below command,

(2) The installation process done successfully. The installation package is saved to your system in the current list (/home/<username>).

How to Install Google Chrome on Ubuntu

(3) Go into the following command line to install the downloaded package.

$ sudo dpkg –i google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb

(4) Visit the password and tap on the “Authenticate” button.

(5) Now the Google Chrome is installed on your Ubuntu system.

How to Install Google Chrome on Ubuntu

(6) You can begin the Google Chrome either by entering the command line google-chrome or tap on the google chrome icon.

(7) At present the Google Chrome is accessed on your Ubuntu system. You can create chrome as your default browser and begin browsing.

Our Opinion

By installing Google Chrome on your Ubuntu, you can get into the entire features of Chrome on Ubuntu OS. You can log in to Google Chrome with your Gmail account to connect data from other devices too. By default, Firefox is a great browser of Ubuntu. You can install the Chrome browser using Mozilla Firefox.

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