How To Leave a Snapchat Group in Just 2 Minutes?

Snapchat is a popular chatting application platform through the users can share images, videos, and many more. The photos or videos will be removed right away when checked out by the recipient. Nowadays, Snapchat is renowned for its special “Filters” and “Lenses.” It is also created groups by adding friends to share images and videos. But if you do not want yourself to be added in the group, you can “Leave the Group” anytime you want. Here is the step by step methods on how To leave a Snapchat group.

How to Leave Snapchat Group?

Follow the steps below to quit from a Snapchat group:

Step 1: Open Snapchat Application

On your mobile just go to the Snapchat application by cliking to the Snapchat icon. If not found most likely you can obtain it from Playstore or App Store.

Step 2: Open your Snapchat Account

Now, open your Snapchat account by giving Login details.

Step 3: Find the Group

Drop and find the group you don’t want take a part of it, and then access it by clicking on it. In the top left side, find the Menu option click on it.

Step 4: Leave Group

After the above steps you can see different menu options there you can see the “Leave Group” option. Click on the option then you will be getting a confirmation Pop up screen choose Leave. Like this, you will be left a group.

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Our Point of View

Thus, you must know that leaving a group will stop you from seeing messages received and send messages to the group.

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