How to See What’s Trending on Twitter?

Twitter introduces like what going on all over the world. However, it is a micro-blogging site to collect all valuable information. By using Twitter, you can see the breaking news, sports and entertainment topics, political news, and etc. Thus, Twitter plays a great role in getting out the trending topics that occurs all over the world. To know like how to see what’s trending on Twitter, so, follow the steps below.

How to See Whats Trending on Twitter?

Finding what’s trending on Twitter is very easy steps given below.

Steps to See What’s Trending on Twitter App

(1) Move to apps section and tap on Twitter app to launch it.

(2) Browse to the Explore tab to press the increasing glass (search) icon.

(3) The following screen will appear with an existing Twitter trends.

Steps to See Whats Trending on Twitter Web

(1) Visit the and sign in to your Twitter account.

(2) Tap the #Explore option from the left side of Explore tab.

(3) Browse to the trends section to see the new trending topics on Twitter.


Twitter allows you to find out trends for an exact location on,

On Twitter Web,

Click on Change on trends box > choose Keep tailored trends based on location and people you follow. Click on Change to choose nearby location.

On Twitter app,

From the Twitter app, go to Profile icon > choose Settings and Privacy > select Content preference. Then go to Trends on the Explore tab > pull slider beside Trends for you.

Our Opinion

That’s the easiest method to view the Twitter trend or trending news. It is imperative to know that not all Twitter users will acquire the same Trends. Because, Twitter offered personalized contents considering your place, whom you want to follow, your interest, etc.

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